handmade items

moon face | small

handmade vintage wooden face – painted by me with left-over paint. click on the photo to see more.

dia | 13

price | 9

moon face | large

The larger version of the moon face, handmade vintage and painted by me with left-over paint.

dia | 20,5

price | 12

soya-wax candle | campfire | 120 ml

burn | 20 / 25 hour

price | 14,50 out of stock

smell | amber / woodsmoke /ceder

This soy-wax candle smells like my favorite summer nights: long nights outdoor, with a group of friends around a campfire.

The candle is made of soy-wax, from a biological farm. Soy-wax is vegan and toxic free. Soy-wax candles and burn twice as long as a normal candle.