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Every item here is truly loved, I fell in love with every item sold here on the site. Lucky for me, I have had some great customers who share a picture of the item in their new home. To make it more special, I have the best customers that even take the best photos of it. So I thought, why not make a review page? Only this time, you won’t find written review on me, but a review about my customers, as a thank you for their trust. On this page you’ll find a selection of photo’s of sold products. If you click on the photo, you’ll find yourself directly on the instagrampage of the customer. Thank me later for the inspiration.

Definitely worth a follow, the account of lovely Wanqi. If you scroll through her pictures you’ll find some multiple items from the first two collections of antier.collected (find the old collections here).

— how good does this terracotta teapot look here? I love the styling with the flowers and linnen tablecloth. also pretty sure I need a tattoo right now.

Thank you wanqi for sharing!

How cute does this bulky vase look here at the beautiful home of Saskia from confetti_option? I love the look with the fluffy pampas here. If you scroll, you will also find a moon face (get yours here) from antier.collected on a peg rail in the bedroom. Saskia’s home looks so beautiful styled – the dried flowers and wood gives so much warmth in her home.

if you just missed out on some ceramic tableware, well sorry, but it is probably in the collection of Patrina. No worries, they are in good hands, I’m pretty sure that Patrina’s cooking skills are just as developed as her sense of humor.

Here is a picture of the kikubari store in The Hague by one of the owners, Fabiënne. We had a little collab in january. Kikubari is definitely a must visit when you are in The hague, only selling good quality products that are all ethical and green produced. I don’t know any other store that holds their standards so high. Plus – the owners are supersweet.